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About US
Spectron Scientific Co. Ltd. is a leading distributor of life science laboratory equipment and consumables in China, dedicated to providing the most reputable, innovative, products and technologies to customers in the whole territory of China and Hong Kong. Established in 2002, Spectron Scientific has four offices, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, more than 20 professionally trained sales and service staff, and offers specialized and qualified services for every aspect of installation, maintenance, and training.
Our customers include government research institutes, CDC, custom inspection centers, medical universities, hospitals, plant and animal research centers, diagnostic labs, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech companies.
We commit to the same principle in all sectors of activity; Spectron Scientific is not merely a distributor, we are a partner.We work with customers to develop projects on a long term basis. Spectron Scientific guarantees high-end service, sustainable quality, performance solutions, and viable investments.
By selecting Spectron Scientific, you choose reliability, performance, and sustainability. All of our resources are focused on the success of your projects, with your long term satisfaction in mind.
Spectron Scientific currently represents the following US and European companies in the Chinese Market:
Biofire Diagnostics
Idaho Technology Inc. 
Salt Lake City, UT  USA
High Resolution Melting Light Scanner 96 Systems
LG Green Dye and diagnostic kits and reagents
Advanced Analytical Tech.
Ames, IA  USA
DNA Fragment Analyzer, NGS library QA/QC for DNA/RNA, SNP Mutation Detection, Tiling, and SSR
Customarray Inc.
Seattle, WA  USA
Customized microarray chip,  Oligo pool design and synthesizer for producing target enrichment kits used in Next Generation Sequencing
Transgenomic, Inc. 
Omaha, Nebraska  USA
WAVE DHPLC Mutation Detection System, Micro-bacteria analyzer, and Surveyor and genetic diagnostic Kits and reagents; ADStec Corp: Hanabi product line: fully automated chromosomal harvester and spreader systems
Hudson Robotics
CP7200™ High throughput automated Colony Pickering System and automated laboratory liquid handling systems
Euroclone SPA
Milan, Italy
Chromosome Analysis Kits and reagents, Optichrome spreader and Autochrome for the treatment of amniocytes and chorionic villi in situ culture, performed in Amnioslide or Amniodish
Emerald Biosystems
Gaithersburg, MD  USA
micro fluidic protein crystallization system and High throughput protein purification system
Zentech SA
Zendropper chromosome Spreader for cytogenetics
Oxford Gene Technology
Oxfordshire,  UK
aCGH chips and analysis software
Azco Biotech:
San Diego, CA  USA
Oligo synthesizers and NGS reagent kits
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